the significance of the name

As a careful preface to his bizarre and almost unbelievable cosmological story, Timaeus urged Socrates that “we should accept the likely tale on these matters. It behooves us not to look for anything beyond this” (Timaeus, 29d).

I’m not the first to have adapted a famous passage from a Platonic dialogue to a provocative title for a blog (the Partially Examined Life comes to mind, an outstanding blog and podcast). The name is admittedly a bit awkward. I would have chosen likelystories if it were still available; or thelikelystory, or alikelystory, or justalikelystory; but these too were all taken. So I opted for TheMostLikelyStory, which has the added advantage of sounding pretentious. So much for the name.

Tomorrow’s entry will be substantial, I promise 😉



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